Discovery Flights

What is a Discovery Flight?

Our discovery flight is an introductory flying session, that allows you to experience aviation. Clients fly with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and during the flight are allowed to pilot the plane under direct pilot supervision. Throughout the session, you will be seated in cockpit with the pilot, observing and participating in the operation of the aircraft.

We know from experience that when you engage the throttle for the first time, your heart will start to beat faster, your adrenaline will surge and your senses will become activated as you leave from the ground. There’s truly no greater feeling as you begin upward ascend into the clear blue sky – it’s something you won’t forget. And the best way to experience that moment is through our exhilarating, affordable discovery flight.

Ready to discover flying?

If you have been thinking about flying, our discovery flight is a great place to start. This introductory flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a small airplane, or have the goal of a lifelong aviation career, our discovery flight will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer.

Experience flying as it was meant to be – fun, affordable and breathtaking. All you need is the right partner to get you started, and AAAS is ready when you are!

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If you are new to flying or simply want to satisfy your curiosity, book a discovery flight today.

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