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Become a pilot. Change your life.

Why Choose AAAS?



AAAS prides itself on providing value. From flight school to aircraft maintenance we work hard to ensure the best possible levels of service at reasonable prices. Don't believe us? Contact us today to see for yourself.



We have our own private fleet of Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). This ensures each student becomes proficient at flying modern aircraft with digital flight systems.



All of our flight instructors are very experienced and have successfully trained dozens of students. You won't find a group of more experienced flight instructors than at AAAS.


It's Never Too Late To Fly

Pilot Training Students

AAAS pilot training is built around aviation knowledge, not just passing check rides. We are focused on preparing students to fly airplanes. Period. Our flexible approach makes it easy for students to plan for studying and flight training time in a way that doesn't disrupt their daily lives.

AAAS students have an advisor that helps with studies as needed. It’s common for pilot training study to be done independently while in flight school, but at AAAS, we believe that a hands-on approach is the best way to ensure success.

Reach For The Sky & Learn To Fly

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