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Flight Instruction Options

All American Aviation Services makes every attempt to accommodate all of our students by making flight / pilot training accessible to a wide range of lifestyles. We offer several flight training options for our students in a self-paced program and an accelerated program. If you choose to train at your own pace, we recommend taking no less than 2 lessons per week for best results. For career-oriented individuals, we recommend our accelerated program which requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week. More information about our accelerated program can be found at the bottom of this page.

All American Aviation Services offers instruction on the following pilot training levels:

Additional Endorsements

Complex Endorsement
High Performance Endorsement
Taildragger Endorsement
Multi-Engine Instruction
Flight Reviews
Instrument Competency checks
Aircraft Insurance Checkouts
Rental Checkouts
Pilot Proficiency Program (for the pilot needing a “tune-up” or refresher)
Garmin 430W GPS Training
Garmin 530W GPS Training
Garmin GTN 650 Training
Glass Training (Aspen Evolution)
Safety Consultation
Aircraft Purchase Consultation and Pre-Purchase Inspections
Aviation Career Counseling
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