Aircraft Maintenance

Complete Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Services

Take you aircraft anywhere and fly with confidence.

Every aircraft deserves top notch maintenance
Our team of FAA licensed A&P mechanics have been servicing aircraft with extreme dedication towards quality and flight safety. Our customers demand a high level of safety and dependability and so should you.

Avionics should increase your situational awareness
When it's time to upgrade your avionics, we're right here and ready to help you. There is no reason to fly around like Amelia Earhart did back in 1928 - Stop by and let's talk avionics.
Your aircraft has FAA certification requirements too
We perform Annual inspections, 100-hour inspections as well as pre-purchase inspections.

Frequent Questions

Ready for a partner who cares about you and your aircraft?

Phoenix Aircraft Services has a rich history of customer service and top-notch quality. Give us a chance to chat with you and you won't regret it.

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