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FAA Instructor’s License

In the United States, the most popular and economical method of career development and time building for future airline pilots is to work as a certified flight instructor. Our Instructor Academy will prepare our students to receive a wide range of FAA instructor certificates for both airplanes and helicopters:

  • Ground Instructor — this is the certificate, which allows to teach only theoretical classes, without the right to perform flights
  • CFI — flight instructor basic certificate, which allows to carry out ground classes, as well as perform training flights. This type of certificate requires at least 20 hours of ground school and 10 hours of flight training from the right seat, including the spin endorsement
  • CFII — flight instructor with Instrument Rating. This certificate allows its owner to prepare students in full in accordance with the “Private Aircraft Pilot”, “Instrument Rating”, and “Commercial Aircraft Pilot” programs
  • MEI — flight instructor with permission to train students for multi-engine ratings in accordance with our “Multi-Engine Rating Program”
  • CFI Helicopter— we also train instructors for helicopter training.
    Minimum requirements for instructor rating candidates: FAA commercial license at least 3rd class medical

All instructors in our academy obtained both the CFI and CFII ratings. Our chef pilot and senior instructors are certified with MEI ratings. We train at least two instructors each month to prepare them for the task at becoming a flight instructor with SkyEagle Aviation.

Rotor To Wings Transition

Translate your helicopter flight skills into becoming a fixed-wing airplane pilot.

Why Choose AAAS Pilot Training?

Our primary goal is to provide every student with the best possible flying and training experience. After an initial consultation, we will design your custom training program to meet your unique goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for a fast-paced two-week "finish-up" program or a complete professional program, AAAS is committed to helping you meet your flight goals. We offer all the benefits of a large flight school or university without the "one size fits all" programs, rigid timeframes, rules and slow processes. Students can learn at their own pace.

Because of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, modern equipment, and the highest quality training programs available, our students enjoy a high examination success rate!

Here are a few more reasons to choose AAAS for your pilot training program.

  • AAAS is led by former military pilots that understand the best techniques for teaching you to fly.

  • We have large fleets of trainer planes in three separate locations for your convenience, and we're continuing to grow! Learn to fly in a Cessna, Piper, or Cirrus fixed-wing plane.

  • Affordable fixed cost based on realistic flight times that exceed FAA Part 141 minimums. Other programs quote a minimum cost that almost always changes.

  • AAAS partners with Climb Credit to offers affordable financing solutions for qualified students.

  • Our students have very high success rates when they report to their type certification training. Our expert staff of professionals, coupled with our Certified Flight Instructors, make certain that the training you receive is the best available anywhere.

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