Ground School Training

We allow for several options for Ground School for all courses:

1. We stock Deluxe Gleim Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial kits with online ground school and GUARANTEED written pass.

Deluxe Gleim Private Pilot Kit with Online Instruction and Audio Review – $209.99

Deluxe Gleim Instrument Pilot Kit with Online Instruction and Audio Review – $209.99

Complete Gleim Commercial Kit with Online Instruction – $209.99

Other Options:

2. One on One ground school $825.

3. DVD/Online through a company of your choice at your own pace and then we do minimal (less than 10 hours) ground training during your flight training.

4. We also have an agreement with an Accredited Aeronautical University for a 15 week online ground school taught by our instructors or others throughout the U.S. $750 plus materials.

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