Flight School Tuition

Transparent Pricing

We understand the importance of keeping education costs as low as possible without any financial surprises along the way. That’s why AAAS provides clear and transparent pricing for all of our students.

Other flight schools can publish low tuition rates that do not address everything involved in completing your flight training - things like examination fees, cost of extra flight time you may need, and then the final check ride fee.

At AAAS, outline the costs of everything you need to complete your training. When researching flight schools, it’s important that you know exactly what the costs will be to attend and complete flight school.

Your Flight School Tuition Includes

FAA Ratings & Certifications
Books & Study Guides
SIM Time

Flight Audit Time
Ground School Audit Time
Online Ground Training
Academic Advisor Support

Training Packages & Cost

Completion time of the private pilot certificate depends on the frequency of training. The more often you fly, the quicker you complete the course. Students training 2-3 times per week can expect to spend up to four months in training. Students training 5‐6 days per week can complete it in 6 weeks (we have done it in as little as 5 days). The average cost varies depending upon the length of time for completion of the course and your ability to learn. We will do our best to provide the most cost-effective training possible while still providing superbly maintained, well equipped and comfortable aircraft.

Program 61Total Cost*
Private Pilot License (PPL)$9,199
Instrument Pilot Ratiing$9,199
Commercial Pilot Addon (Single Engine)$7,199
Commercial Pilot Addon (Multi-Engine)$3,599
Certified Flight Instructor$5,099
Certified Flight Instructor - Instruments$2,499
Program 141Total Cost*
Private Pilot Certificate$8,299
Instrument Pilot Ratiing$8,299
Commercial Pilot Addon (Single Engine)$27,823
Commercial Pilot Addon (Multi-Engine)$25,250
Certified Flight Instructor^$8,399
Certified Flight Instructor - Instruments^$7,999
Pilot Refresher Course$1,299

*All packages have additional costs of DPE $750 – $800 per evaluation. Written evaluations are $160 extra. Insurance is required for all solo activity.

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